Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Amsoil a Legimate Home Business!

Amsoil is a legitimate Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business. Amsoil, however, is different than most MLM’s because you do not have to sponsor other people to succeed, and you do not get paid for recruiting other distributors but you do get paid on what they sell. So you can make money just by selling the product or recruiting others to sell it for you. The other thing which makes Amsoil very attractive as an MLM is that you do not have any inventory like so many other companies that require you to buy their products. Amsoil distributors are paid on what they sell and all products are distributed directly through Amsoil warehouses located throughout the U.S., with Amsoil handling all of the transactions, shipping, sales tax, and the headaches.
You can get started with an Amsoil dealership for a onetime fee of less than $100 with no monthly fees. Amsoil offers continuing lubrication and business management education, and  also hosts your web page so there are no added expenses. They will help you co-op trade shows, and sponsor race teams. This business is not a get rich quick scheme and those who don’t want to work should definitely not look at Amsoil. That being said, Amsoil products are top drawer and if you want to work at it, there is a lot of potential.  If you use Amsoil  in your own vehicles you will save enough every year to pay for the distributorship.

If you are considering an MLM and you want to get rich quick, I would definitely not look at Amsoil.  However, when you consider that synthetic oil is being used in all the engines in the world now and this business is only going to keep growing, then if you want to work, what better business could you be in than Amsoil?

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  1. I have been in Amsoil for years, your article is very accurate. Commissions are not limited by any means. Amsoil provides the tools necessary to succeed, the demand for Amsoil products is endless, and will never die as long as people keep mobile and keep manufacturing goods.

    It is a great business for super affiliates because, people are looking for Amsoil, especially on the Internet. Amsoil is an asset, a real business, it is NOT a shallow digital information product that will be out of date in less than a month!

    Amsoil is a premium brand, is NOT marketed on hype but on facts. Consumers and industry "save big" by using Amsoil products.

    On average a consumer can save hundreds of dollars per vehicle annually.

    Industry can save huge amounts by having less downtime on their valuable equipment.

    Commercial fleets save thousands of dollars on operation of their vehicles in terms of fuel economy and wear protection...

    In summary, everyone in society wins because Amsoil is a source of clean energy NOW, it burns cleaner, lasts longer, is kinder to the environment.

    There has never been a better time than now to be an Amsoil Dealer!