Monday, August 15, 2011

Mobile Mass Money Is It a Scam?

Mobile Mass Money is a software that has almost no competition and therefore, all of those who have this software are in the first stages of a brand new concept and have a greater chance of profiting and achieving significant success. Making money by selling products on mobile phones is vertically and untapped market and anyone who has  the right  tools and training will be ahead of the curve.

Once you get Mobile Mass Money you will get all the powerful tools and training that you need to educate yourself and master this business. There is absolutely everything you need to know about this type of marketing so you don't have to worry about the lack of information or guessing about this or that.

The bad points about this software are basically the same as the good. This is an all new concept and it takes learning how to use this product in a virtually untapped market. Anyone who is willing to learn and put in the time it takes to understand this concept will no doubt succeed, because as I mentioned before there is vertically no competition.

Mobile Mass Money is unique and advanced automation hosted software that together with the provided training makes an unstoppable powerful system that will generate profit for you. I would highly recommend it for anyone want to get into the 5.2 Billion mobile marketing industry.   To find out more about this amazing software called Mobile Mass Marketing Go Here!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Persistence| Nothing Can Replace Persistence | A Child Can Show the Way

Persistence, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”…  Calvin Coolidge

Persistence is the key to keeping going when everything else tells you to quit. Sometimes when things are tough we tend to forget that if we persist things with work out if we have a plan and the right system. When things are rough and you’re not getting the results you expect, by just persisting things will soon turn around.

This weekend I got to see an amazing thing. My granddaughter Audrey who is 9 years old, showed her grandpa what never giving up means. Sometimes we forget that we have to give effort every day and work hard to get what we want in life. We must persist and not take things for granted, expecting things to happen without doing anything in return. Life doesn’t work like that and businesses certainly don’t succeed like that.
So how did Audrey help me see what persistence is all about? By swimming the length of a swimming pool when she was so tired, it was all she could do to keep from quitting. That does not sound like much, but for her and me it meant everything. To watch her struggle with every stroke and keep on going was just incredible. If each of us could put that much effort and persistence into everything we do, there is no telling how successful we could be. 

The effort Audrey showed to keep going when her body told her to quit and the amazing way she hung in and kept stroking made me realize that I can have everything in life I want if I can put half the effort she showed into my business and my life. Audrey showed me why she has 4 gold medals for swimming. She wills herself to reach her goal.  She will persist and succeed.
You see Audrey has Downs Syndrome and really should not be swimming by herself at all, but no one told her that. Audrey believes she can succeed and puts all her effort into reaching the end of the pool, which is her goal.

I hope I can take Audrey’s example and use it to guide me and put everything I do into helping others succeed on line. If I can persist and give half the effort of my granddaughter I will truly be blessed in everything I do!

If you need help marketing on line there is a business called Netdivvy which can help and I would love to show you how it works and we can persist untill you reach your business goals.

To Your Success

Bill Hobstetter

Bill Hobstetter is an adroit trainer and marketer who enjoys working with those who need help with marketing strategies to help them build their business. For more information go to

Monday, February 14, 2011

 I feel that in order to be successful at anything we have to be positive and that starts with what we tell ourselves. Whatever we think, read and say, we need to exercise control over. How can we expect to succeed if all we talk about is negative? It is very important that we watch what we say and always be positive.

How can we stay positive all the time? I truly believe we live in a negative world. Everything you hear on the news seems to be negative, because the bad stuff is what sells.   Once in a while there is a feel good story but for the most part what we get is a negative slant on everything. That is why what we tell ourselves is so important.

Self talk to me is the most important part of any plan we have. Setting goals, working on improvement in our business or in ourselves, we need to always watch what we say and how we say it. A positive attitude starts from within. Once you develop, apply and maintain that attitude, life’s inconsistencies will not have the power to disrupt your positive outlook.

It is also imperative to be as excited and enthusiastic as you can when talking to yourself and say it out loud. It has been proven when you say things out loud they seem to mean more than things you say to yourself. That is why positive affirmations work so well.
Positive affirmations, for those who do not know, are words or phrases we say out loud to ourselves in front of a mirror to help with our self image. Positive affirmations work best when said in the morning when we get up and before we go to bed.  If you really want to get your attitude right make some positive affirmations to start your day.

Whatever you do to help get a positive attitude work on it every day and be positive about where you are going and how you are going to get there. Read positive books, listen to positive tapes and do positive affirmations. It is a proven fact, that listening to or reading positive ideas sparks chemicals in the brain which make us feel better and give us energy. So why would we not want to listen or read something inspirational every day.

Whatever it takes- self talk, affirmations, motivational books, tapes and CDs, keep your attitude as high as you can. It is true that attitude equals altitude. You can go as high as you want if you keep your eye on the prize and your attitude high. It all starts with you!

Having a great attitude will take you to the top with the right system to market your products. If you want a system to help you market your business, let me help you.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Amsoil a Legimate Home Business!

Amsoil is a legitimate Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business. Amsoil, however, is different than most MLM’s because you do not have to sponsor other people to succeed, and you do not get paid for recruiting other distributors but you do get paid on what they sell. So you can make money just by selling the product or recruiting others to sell it for you. The other thing which makes Amsoil very attractive as an MLM is that you do not have any inventory like so many other companies that require you to buy their products. Amsoil distributors are paid on what they sell and all products are distributed directly through Amsoil warehouses located throughout the U.S., with Amsoil handling all of the transactions, shipping, sales tax, and the headaches.
You can get started with an Amsoil dealership for a onetime fee of less than $100 with no monthly fees. Amsoil offers continuing lubrication and business management education, and  also hosts your web page so there are no added expenses. They will help you co-op trade shows, and sponsor race teams. This business is not a get rich quick scheme and those who don’t want to work should definitely not look at Amsoil. That being said, Amsoil products are top drawer and if you want to work at it, there is a lot of potential.  If you use Amsoil  in your own vehicles you will save enough every year to pay for the distributorship.

If you are considering an MLM and you want to get rich quick, I would definitely not look at Amsoil.  However, when you consider that synthetic oil is being used in all the engines in the world now and this business is only going to keep growing, then if you want to work, what better business could you be in than Amsoil?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Attutude of Gratitude--The Only Way To Live!

In the book The Winners Manual, by Jim Tressel the coach of the Ohio State Buskeyes,  talks about having an attitude of gratitude  or being thankful for what you have. When I saw this passage I was blown away for I have always been somewhat thankful, but I never really expressed it. Coach Tressel talks about thinking every morning about the  things you are thankful for and expressing them out loud.  When we express an Attitude of Gratitude, we can no longer feel sorry for ourselves when things don’t go exactly as we planned. Instead we are grateful for the opportunity to try to do things. How can we feel bitter about someone, our situation or our job when we are grateful everyday for what we have? We live in the greatest country in the world and we should be grateful every day for the opportunity to work where we want, worship how we want and speak how we want.We may not agree with what others say or with what our government is doing, but we can still have an Attitude of Gratitude that we have the right though the Bill of Rights, to speak, think and worship however we please. There are times when we work on the internet that we feel like we are working alone. There is a lot to learn and a lot of different ways to market, but if we are grateful that we are working in the most amazing climate that has ever been invented, we realize how lucky we are.

I am so thankful every day for having the opportunity to work at the most entrepenueral job ever created network marking. If there is any who reads this blog. interested in letting me show them strategies to help them business better, I will truly have an Attitude of Gratitude to be able to help. For more information Click Here!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

AdCashBox, Making Money the Lazy Mans Way!

I was fortunate recently to be introduced to a new attraction marketing system called AdCashBox.
AdCashBox is new and unique because with a  one time payment of  $5 your text link and banner ads will be placed on AdCashBox FOREVER! Imagine... Hundreds and thousands of people will see your ads on 1000s pages. There are no hosting fees and you will not pay an admin fee or setup fee ever! You only pay $5 to your direct referrer. That’s ALL! 

What  makes AdCashbox more interesting is that you can email all your down-line up to 8 levels deep and your banner ads are put on thousands of pages. you also get paid up to four levels deep and payment is made by Alertpay instantly. All you have to do is get busy and recruit. That should not be hard with the $5.00 price tag and a way for people to get paid ever day.
So if you are interested in a real easy way to get you ads read and make some cash ever day, check it out at

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Successful Marketers Have Targeted Markets!

People who are successful on line know how to create an audience. They know how to advertise and how to check their advertising to see what is working and what is not. Successful people know how to get their product or service before people who are interested in that product or service. In other words if you are selling kitchen products, you would not advertise to golfers who want to improve their swing. It is imperative that you target your approach to someone who may be interested. Then follow up to find out if you have found the right people.

So, When marketing your business on line, I have found that it is the system and not the company that works. Have you ever wondered why the top internet marketers are always so prominent on line. You see top producers ads all over the internet and you wonder why. They have a system to promote their business and a way of following up to make sure the system is working.

It is the system and not the company. I cannot say that enough! A person must first learn to market a system which will in turn bring their products to the people they target. If you have the best product or company in the world and no one knows about it, is it still the best in the world.

There is a marketing company on-line called NetDivvy. But NetDivvy is more than a company, NetDivvy is a marketing system and there is a big difference.

Check out the site at and see what NetDivvy can do for you. What have you got to lose?